The purpose of this blog site is to introduce OneOps and its ecosystem, such as the application packs that could be deployed through OneOps.

OneOps is an open-source project sponsored by WalmartLabs. It aims to achieve the following goals:

  • PaaS software to fully orchestrate DevOps: Integrate major DevOps tools & orchestrate them as workflow on UI
  • Model-driven, “best-practice”, open-source application design: Many core technologies (DBMS, distributed system, web server…) are abstract as “template” with best-practices on deploy and operation. Create once, deploy unlimited times.
  • Support deployment on major public and private clouds
  • Operation Excellence: Auto-repair/auto-replace/auto-scale. Monitor, alert, budget control.

Please read the introductory posting about OneOps: https://oneopsblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/24/automated-devops-orchestration-on-cloud/

The author of this blog site (Ning) works for real-time data infrastructure team at WalmartLabs, a technology division of walmart.com. He spend most business hours on running the Kafka ecosystem internally, not only serving a backbone of the online user activity stream which is crucial for many downstream applications (e.g. Email Targeting, Anomaly Detection, Personalization, SEO…), but also being rolled out to many Walmart retail stores across the states.

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